Girl, Country On Fire

Jennifer it's more God's Judgement America's weighty blood guilt is come US soil, as was warn. It's why I suggested election 2016 and voting booths be pound into altars of Christ. Instead I hear a day prior to Trump's inauguration "fifty million will die," Trump's, Hillary, both Truexits, an end hath come upon Western Civilization, get Jesus and get out of it,, remember?

Solar Scientist Warning of a 9.3 xclass CME,  09/06, possibly the Noah, (NOAA's), Cousin word II received just a day past. Earth directed, not seen in this lifetime, since 1859, warn of how only a class 1, to 2 caused the Japan chemical plant disaster. Beware, Apb

  -There's something about Dutchsinse, about 99 bowls of molten lava, about fuel canisters all in a circle being lit, (see the pacific this ring of fire), being made re…

And I Heard In My Hearing Woman Why Weepiest Thou?

And I Heard In My Hearing Father, Woman, John Why Weepiest Thou, The Lamb Of God, Hath Reign?
-Still I Need To Say, There Is Something About August 29th, I Know Harvey, A Historic Hurricane Has Come A shore Since, That Trump Will Be Visiting Texas Any Day Now, Still Holy Spirits Were Specific About, This Date, August 29th.
-(Well by now we know this date, August 29th was the exact date President Trump would be in Texas assessing Hurricane Harvey damage, with North Korea's Kim, and hurricane Irma threatening, one I warn will target Trump's DACA decision, as so any manner of saving or keeping America, whose time as surely as Hussein Obama's timetable into Cameron's Brexit, is finished, beware, Apb,

-Is God As Angry Right Now As The Days Of Noah And Greater? I heard A Command Lately, That All Parents be Killed By, That All Schools Be Finished, That 50 Million Will Die, 2002 and 2017, Even More Frightening, That God Is Avenging M…
As Apostle Prophesied they're all coming, all that can make master disasters to extinction level events. This is of Americas come judgement 2001 until 190 months be fulfilled Oct. 2017,. Again this is the end of America into Islamic/Anti-christ rise, predicted these 31 springs, Apb, whereas Trump Administration will suffer Jer. 37:8, Eze. 4 and 5, Dan. 4 and 5, and Rev.17 and 18, US soil, see

   -One of those master disasters to extinction level events acting as only one of those pending that in Dec. 2001, until 190 months are finished, when a voice cried kill all parents, to finish all schools, even that 50 million will 2002 and 2017, this was all referencing America's come judgment only a few weeks from now. Just as so I told you one of those events could be a Carrington type, a CME, 1869, that could end all technology in America, this video and other are reporting a similar explosion of this same caliber h…
Could The Word Noah's (NOAA), Cousin, Be Referring To As The Days Of Noah's Flood, Come US Soil The Breakage Of The Rainbow Covenant? The Word Horrible Plucked Out, The Word Treasures All Black And Blasted, Malls Shaped Into Fall Out Shelters, A Cry of 99 Bowls Of Molten Lava, As So Dutchsinse, The Word Judgment Now As A Blinking Link Of Caution, The Cry All Get To Repentant Alters, 2016/17, Beware, Apb I warn as this vote was pending, knowing President's Trump rebellious nature, this may as well be another of his declarations of peace and safety. That I warn upon Putin and His handshake would be followed as prophesied by sudden destruction. only a week later I heard in my ear August 29th, Shared it here, not realizing just as I'd warn I was giving you the very date President Trump would be in Texas assessing hurricane Harvey's damage; said to be the costliest yet, God is this angry, I also told you, some fifty millions deaths pending, tens of millions …


Early To Mighty, The Fields Are White Unto Harvest
Listening To, Big Daddy Weave, Overwhelmed,

     -Seen to seeing the word 'Horrible," plucked right out of the work, I'm reminded of heavenly host warn, the three woe, that great sorrow is come, not only that old devil come down, presently is come, Antichrist Reign, Apb
Seen to seeing he word "Treasures," all black an blasted, (see master wildfires into incalculable volcano erupting targeting abominable lives, lands and churches all with beast tearing through them Apb ),

"Horrible Lives, Blacken Treasures"

    -I Anita been telling people these many decades, no this is not a coincidence, that they're all coming,  that by a dream 2015, Holy Spirits placed the Brides' escape and America's exodus around the same time as the intrepid timetable, that in 2001, for 190 months, Dec. 2001-Oct. 2017. A timing I…

God Alone Is God, Kiss His Son, Least He Be Angry, Where No Flesh Can Stand!

God Alone Is God, Kiss His Son, Least He Be Angry, Where No Flesh Can Stand,

     -Whosoever save America, the holocaust maker decreasing into Daniel's final week, maybe a friend to America, but they're an enemy to God. This is The RAM, the prophetic ministry that warn you Trump's declaration of peace and safety right after shaking hands with Putin's Russia, would be meet as prophesied with sudden destruction. Then unknowingly hearing in my hear August 29th, I gave you the very date he wound be in Texas assessing the hurricane damage of Harvey.
     -As so the date, Kim Jong, made his most dangerous of missiles test, with hurricane Irma to Jose pending all such foolishness to rebellion. I explained lately how America's is an exodus, and all procrastination would be meet with reapers in the form of master disasters, earth, wind, fire, water, with a pending 99 bowls of molten lava and a word, ductchsinse, beware as always, Apb, The RAM…

Chaos Explodes

And The War Baby Ask, Where Doses America's Great Power To Wealth Come From?

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     And I Heard In My Hearing, "Cousin Noah," 09/05/2017, (see NOAA, see as the days of Noah's Flooding, Harvey, Irma, this breaking of the rainbow covenant, beware, Apb),

      -First Chris I want to thank you for this video, second, I been anxious to get Americans to consider Holy Spirit has placed them along a slow motion exodus that has come. It is because something in the manner of an extinction level that can instantly end tens of millions live and finished 190 months of US technology, an event alone that could eventually cause millions their lives.  Imagined being taking like a Christmas carol dream into the future of America gone into the greatest of judgment pending since Christmas night 2001, US soil, until 190 months are finished, so October 2017. Just so as so put this fly over in fast forward it is Chris your option 6. sorry, bu…